Friends of 19th and Lamont Park

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The Friends of 19th and Lamont Park is dedicated to bringing neighbors together to help create and maintain a wonderful new park in Mount Pleasant. Join us as we

  • engage and partner with DC agencies to make our park a reality, 

  • volunteer our time and raise funds to help maintain and beautify the park, and 

  • gather as a community for occasional neighborhood picnics and other events in our new park.

Our vision is that all neighbors in the diverse community of Mount Pleasant can soon enjoy a wonderful, well maintained small park at the corner of 19th and Lamont.

About the Park 

It all started on March 1, 1912. The U.S. Congress passed Public Law 98 to “condemn the land that may be necessary to extend Lamont Street northwest… said extension to be a direct prolongation of Lamont Street as now existing east of Nineteenth Street”. The land was seized, plans were drawn up, but the slope was too steep to build a road.

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Fast forward 106 years, the DC Government allocated $1.6 million for capital improvements to create a neighborhood park at 19th and Lamont. The project is being led by the DC Department of Parks and Recreation and Department of General Services, and the official project website can be found at DPR and DGS have outlined the following process:

  1. Visioning and Data Gathering (Spring 2019 – Fall 2019)

    • 4-5 Community Meetings, Surveys, On-Site Meeting

    • Analysis and Research

  2. Creative Development (late Spring 2019 – Winter 2019/2020)

    • Hiring of Design Build firm

    • Refine, Refine, Refine…

    • Achieving Majority Consensus

    • Technical Drawing Completion

  3. Construction Phase (Spring 2020 – Fall 2020)

    • Permits

    • Community Kickoff Meeting

    • Construction Begins

    • Monthly Updates to Community

    • Construction Ends

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Become a Friend of 19th and Lamont Park

Friends of 19th and Lamont Park is non-profit membership organization, and anyone can become a member for a one-time donation of $20, which is used to further our mission to create, maintain, and beautify the park. Those interested in a more active role in planning events and making great things happen for our park can choose to become an Organizing Member.

We are a project of Green Spaces for DC, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to advancing the quality of parks and green spaces in the District of Columbia. Green Spaces for DC serves as the fiscal sponsor for Friends of 19th and Lamont Park, and receives tax-deductible donations on its behalf.

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